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About the Promoter

Monster Truck Thunder is a Family Operation owned by Steve & Jill Quercio with over 45 Years of Producing Fun Family Events, They started in the Concert Business in 1980 Promoting little Hollywood Bands. One of their Major Discoveries was a Big Hair Band, with No Record Deal that the industry thought of as a Joke. Steve went up to them after seeing them at the "Whiskey" in Hollywood and asked if they would like to play in Bigger Major Venue's. The Quercio's put them in the Santa Monica Civic with "Elvira" as the Host and Wow! Complete SOLD OUT Crowd. That Show put the Band on the Map and asked Steve if he would Manage them. Steve just wanted to be a Promoter and Not a Manager. OH, that baby band was named "Motley Crue"


Steve then started Promoting Drag Races where he took one of the Funny Car guys under his wing and started doing Marketing and Promotions for, and running at his Races. a guy named John "Brute" Force went on to be a 16x Funny Car World Champion and a true Legend in Drag Racing.


Entering the Monster Truck World in 1985 where there was only one Monster Truck "Big Foot" they grew as the Monster Truck World exploded. They have Produced 1,000's of Shows across the USA  and continue to do so after 45 years.


Son Tony Quercio does the Merchandise for the Monster Trucks and Daughter Sara runs the Box Office and staffing for the event.


They have created a Fun Family Night out for the Kids and Family to enjoy together, and will go out of their way for the Fans to have a Fun Night out.

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